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Life Cycle


Sampling and Action Threshold

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Registered Insecticides


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Link to large image (140K) of twospotted spider mites Adult spider mites range in size from 0.25 to 0.5 mm long and have eight legs. Adults and nymphs range in color from pale yellow to light green with two dark spots on either side of the abdomen. Mites overwinter as mated females in cracks in the soil or in crop debris. Females emerge in the spring and begin laying eggs on plant foliage. Eggs hatch in about a week, depending on temperature.   A complete life cycle requires one to three weeks. Feeding injury causes the leaves to appear mottled and injured leaves become brown or bronze and drop from the plant. There are several overlapping generations each year.

Twospotted Spider Mites and Eggs

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This section contains information on the management of twospotted spider mites in peppermint.  The Fact Sheet contains specific information on identifcation and biology of this pest (requires Acrobat Reader).  Select a category from the contents menu for additional information on sampling, development, and management of spider mites.