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Variegated Cutworm
    (Run Mintsim Model)
Redbacked Cutworm
Strawberry Root Weevil
Mint Flea Beetle
Twospotted Spider Mite

Predator Mite Release Model


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Sampling for twospotted spider mite Square-foot sampler for redbacked cutworm larvae

Sampling for Spider Mites

Sampling for Redbacked Cutworms

This section contains information on sampling programs for the major insects and spider mites on mint.  Select one of the pests from the contents menu for more information on sampling methods and a sequential sampling calculator.   This section also contains information on the action thresholds for these pests.

[added Jan 2008] - A quick reference sheet with sampling and treatment thresholds was produced in 1993, which may contain out-of-date information. We have scanned and linked this sheet here as side 1 and side 2. Please use this information with caution. These thresholds are very general and in some cases should not be used unless checked against the dynamic programs found on this website.