variegated cutworm - mint injury and threshold model
   help - introduction Enter current conditions and click the "Calc" button below 
  help - treatment and economic inputs  Control cost: $/acre    % Kill:    Oil price: $/lb    Expected yield: lbs/acre
 Field class:   Harvest date:  
  help - weather stations Select  region:
W. Oregon
E. Oregon
 Select  weather  location:

  Select 10-day forecast location:
 Select  forecast  location:
  help - sampling data Are cutworm sample data available?   if no, est. total density #/sq. ft. and skip next section
 Sampling section - complete only if you answered "yes" above:   Sample date:  
 Ground search: # of samples   and minutes/sample    Sweep net: # of samples  
 Larval stage: First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
Ground search sample densities (average #/sq. ft):            
Sweep net sample densities (average #/10 sweeps):            
Note that both ground search and sweep net samples are helpful in estimating absolute densities used in the model
  help - output options Output:      Main results and sampling plans     Daily details
                         Details plus weather     Minimal - no header or sampling plans
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This project funded in part by grants from the Mint Industry Research Council and the Oregon Peppermint Commission
This program last updated May 18, 2007
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