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Mint Root Borer
Strawberry Root Weevil
Black Vine Weevil
Redbacked Cutworm
Black Cutworm
Glassy Cutworm
Mint Stem Borer

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Mature Mint Root Borer Larva in Rhizome Mature Mint Flea Beetle Larva in Rhizome
Mint Root Borer Larva Mint Flea Beetle Larva

This section contains thumbnail photos of insects that feed on mint root and rhizomes either as adults or larvae.  Click on a photo to view a larger picture and for more information on identification.

Root Feeding Insects

Mint root borer larva Mint root borer adult Strawberry root weevil larva Strawberry root weevil adult
Mint Root Borer Mint Root Borer Strawberry Root Weevil Strawberry Root Weevil
Black vine weevil larva Black vine weevil adult Mint flea beetle larva Mint flea beetle adult
Black Vine Weevil Black Vine Weevil Mint Flea Beetle Mint Flea Beetle
Wireworm larva Wireworm adult Garden Symphylan Garden Symphylan
Wireworm Wireworm Symphylan Symphylan
Redbacked cutworm larva Redbacked cutworm adult Black cutworm larva Black cutworm adult
Redbacked Cutworm Redbacked Cutworm Black Cutworm Black Cutworm
Glassy cutworm larva Glassy cutworm adult Mint Stem Borer Larva Mint Stem Borer Adult
Glassy Cutworm Glassy Cutworm Mint Stem Borer Mint Stem Borer