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Black Vine Weevil



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Link to large image (100K) of black vine weevil Link to large image (150K) of black vine weevil adult
Black Vine Weevil Larva Black Vine Weevil Adult
Link to large image (101K) of black vine weevil pupa Black vine weevil is not as abundant in mint as the strawberry root weevil. Larvae are c-shaped, cream-colored with a brown head capsule.  Larvae feed on roots and rhizomes.  Larvae are about 8 mm long when mature.  Adults are black or dark brown and about 8 to 10 mm long.  Adults are marked with yellow patches on the back. Adults feed at night and notch the leaf margins.   Pupae are cream- colored and are found about 10 to 15 cm deep.  Adults emerge in late April, May and early June and begin laying eggs about 2 weeks later.   Larvae feed from September through April of the following year and cause the most damage on roots from late March to mid-May.

Black Vine Weevil Pupa

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This section contains information on the management of black vine weevils in peppermint.  See the strawberry root weevil Fact Sheet for more general information on identifcation and biology of this pest (requires Acrobat Reader).