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Canada Thistle Flowers

Common Groundsel

Green Foxtail
Canada Thistle Common Groundsel   Green Foxtail

This section contains information on the management of the major weeds on mint.  Select a category from the contents menu for more information on identification, biology and management, and photos of the most important weeds found in mint.  For more information on management of weeds in other crops, visit the Weeds Homepage in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University.  PNW Weed Control Handbook on line including weed identification.

Also see the publication, "Weed Management in Mint", Oregon State University, Extension Service, EM8774, February 2001, authored by Jed Colquhoun, Bill Brewster and Carol Mallory-Smith.

All photos are from the Oregon State University weed science program and were taken by Larry Burrill, Emeritus Extension Weed Specialist.