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Spotted Cutworm



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Link to large image (122K) of spotted cutworm larva Link to large image (131K) of spotted cutworm adult
Spotted Cutworm Larva Spotted Cutworm Adult
Link to large image (85K) of spotted cutworm pupa Mature larvae are about 30 mm long. The head is reddish-brown with two black bands. The body varies in color from reddish to dark brown.  The body is marked with black "triangle-shaped" marks on the laterial margins of the last abdominal segments.  Adults have a wing span of about 40 mm and resemble other cutworm moths.  The wings are marked with areas of light brown and black. The life cycle of spotted cutworm is similar the variegated cutworm.  Larvae of this pest may occur at the same time as larvae of the variegated cutworm.  Most damage in mint is caused in July and early August.  This cutworm is most common West of the Cascade Mountains.

Spotted Cutworm Pupa


This section contains information on identification of spotted cutworm in peppermint.   Spotted cutworm, olive green cutworm, and variegated cutworm often occur in the same field at the same time.  See variegated cutworm for information on sampling for spotted cutworm.