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Link to large image (121K) of Minute Pirate Bug Nymph

Link to large image (114K) of Minute Pirate Bug Adult

Adults are oval shaped, about 3 mm long, very flat, and marked conspicuously with black and white. Nymphs are soft-bodied, yellow or amber colored. Nymphs and adults have piercing-sucking mouthparts enclosed in a long beak. The minute pirate bug overwinters as an adult in protected places. Adults emerge in early spring and females insert eggs in plant tissues. There are three or four generations each year. Minute pirate bug adults and nymphs are very active predators and may be found on all above ground parts of plants. Active stages feed by sucking the body fluids from aphids, spider mites, and immature stages of many small insects.

Minute Pirate Bug Nymph and Adult

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This section contains information on the identification of minute pirate bugs.  The Fact Sheet contains specific information on identifcation and biology of this predator (requires Acrobat Reader).