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Link to large image (129K) of Bigeyed Bug Nymph

Link to large image (147K) of Bigeyed Bug Adult

Bigeyed bug adults are about 3 to 6 mm long, buff gray or blackish in color with large, prominent eyes. Nymphs resemble adults except in size and absence of wings. Bigeyed bugs overwinter as adults in trash, crop debris, or other protected areas. Adults appear in the spring and begin feeding on available prey. Females deposit eggs in plant tissues. Eggs hatch into nymphs, which feed on prey for several weeks before becoming adults. There are usually two generations each year. Bigeyed bugs adults and nymphs feed by sucking the body fluids from their prey. Both feed on aphids, spider mites, and other soft-bodied prey.

Bigeyed Bug Nymph and Adult

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This section contains information on the identification of bigeyed bugs.  The Fact Sheet contains specific information on identifcation and biology of this predator (requires Acrobat Reader).