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Mint Aphid



Life Cycle


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Link to large image (119K) of mint aphid colony

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Wingless aphids and nymphs are yellow-green to apple green, mottled with darker green marks. They range in size from 1.5 to 1.0 mm. Winged forms have dark brown to black heads and thorax areas with yellow-green abdomens. Mint aphids overwinter as adults and nymphs in the soil around the bases of mint plants. Females give birth to living young in the spring. There are 12 - 15 overlapping generations each year. Mint aphid is not considered an economically serious pest on mint because is most seasons, naturally occurring natural enemies control this pest.  In some areas, honeydew secreted by large populations of mint aphid cause difficulty with harvest equipment.

Mint Aphid Colony and Winged Form (bottom)

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This section contains information on the management of mint aphids in peppermint.  The Fact Sheet contains specific information on identifcation and biology of this pest (requires Acrobat Reader).  Select a category from the contents menu for additional information on life cycle and management of aphids.