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sunflower early dwarf hybrds
crop model of Miller MSU, Miller et al. 2001

Output from crop degree-day/phenology model program:
	Heat Units and predictions of key events from daily weather data
==============================MODEL INPUTS================================ Model species/general links: sunflower early dwarf hybrds Type: crop Model source/other links: Miller MSU, Miller et al. 2001 Calculation method: simp avg/grow Lower threshold: 32 degrees Fahrenheit Setting upper threshold to: 130 F (default) Directions for starting/BIOFIX: planting date Starting/BIOFIX date: 4 1 No ending date, set to: default date 12 31 Model validation status: partly validated Region of known use: Montana ==============================EVENTS TABLE================================ 1. 305 DD after biofix 0.9-germination: shoot breaks through soil 2. 372 DD after biofix 1.1-1st true leaves unfolded 3. 1049 DD after biofix 3.1-internode dirctly below base of inflorescence elongates .5 to 2 cm above nearest leaf 4. 1726 DD after biofix 5.1-inflorescence begins to open, small ray florets just visible 5. 1997 DD after biofix 5.9-most flower buds in head visible, bud not in anthesis. Ray florets have visible petals 6. 2200 DD after biofix 6.5-50% of flowers on head visible 7. 3012 DD after biofix 8.9-thresh when seed moisture is 12 to 15% 8. 3113 DD after biofix 9.2-bracts become yellow and brown on back of head 9. 3283 DD after biofix 9.7-head completely dried down for threshing ==============================MODEL OUTPUT================================ Weather station: 1000 none selected mn day max min precip DD32 CUMDD32 event -- --- ----- ----- ------ ---- ------- -------