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mint flea beetle
insect model of Berry et al

Output from insect degree-day/phenology model program:
	Heat Units and predictions of key events from daily weather data
==============================MODEL INPUTS================================ Model species/general links: mint flea beetle Type: insect Model source/other links: Berry et al Calculation method: single sine Lower threshold: 41 degrees Fahrenheit Upper threshold: 103 degrees Fahrenheit Directions for starting/BIOFIX: calendar date Starting/BIOFIX date: 1 1 No ending date, set to: default date 12 31 Model validation status: partly validated Region of known use: Pacific Northwest ==============================EVENTS TABLE================================ 1. 405 DD after biofix Eggs hatch - begin first intar 2. 580 DD after biofix Begin second instar 3. 785 DD after biofix Begin third instar 4. 900 DD after biofix Larvae exit rhizomes 5. 1205 DD after biofix Begin prepupal stage 6. 1395 DD after biofix Begin pupal stage 7. 1475 DD after biofix Begin adult emergence ==============================MODEL OUTPUT================================ Weather station: 1000 none selected mn day max min precip DD41 CUMDD41 event -- --- ----- ----- ------ ---- ------- -------