Sampling and Monitoring Potato Insects



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These links are to the current online Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook. D. McGrath, Editor 2001-2003. D. Bragg, Editor 2004. Jointly published by Oregon State University, University of Idaho, and Washington State University. Revised annually. For current price and ordering information, contact your state office: Oregon (541) 737-2513; Washington (509) 335-2857; Idaho (208) 885-7982. Get order form online: PNW Handbooks

Select an insect or mite pest from the list below for the registered insecticides. 
Also see Beneficial Insects

Aphids to Colorado Potato Beetle   also review the 2003 IPM Program for Aphids for PNW Potatoes at the WSU website

Cucumber beetle to Flea Beetle
Garden symphylan to Loopers
Lygus bugs to Spider mites
Tuberworm to Wireworms